Not all lenses are the same.

At Dwyer & Ross Optometrists, our independence gives us the freedom to recommend the best product for you.

Your optometrist will spend time discussing the various lens options with you.

We use the latest lens technology.  We recommend thinner, flatter and lighter materials with anti-glare coatings to minimise reflections and improve the clarity of your vision.

Which lens will best suit your needs?

  • Single vision lenses can either be for close work or distance vision depending on your needs.
  • Bifocal lenses provide vision in the distance and have an area for close work.
  • Progressive lenses allow you to see clearly up close, at intermediate and long distances, eliminating the need to constantly change your spectacles for different tasks.
  • Extended focus lenses are beneficial when your close vision needs to be clearer. Enjoy a larger reading area of clear sight for reading, hobbies, desk and computer work.
  • Transition lenses continually change with varying light conditions and provide UV protection and good glare reduction.

The link below may help you understand some of the options that you may have to meet your lifestyle and work requirements.

Click here to access “MY GLASSES GUIDE”

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