Are Your Eyes Road Ready?

Blinded by the night?

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At Dwyer & Ross Optometrists, we know that road safety starts with good vision, and that means seeing well at all distances, in all conditions – particularly at night.

 While reduced visibility at night poses additional risk to all drivers, Australians with uncorrected vision are at an even greater risk due to an impaired ability to detect and respond to potential dangers.

Did you know?

  • 1 in 5 drivers can’t see the road clearly due to uncorrected poor vision1
  • 22% of Australians squint to see better while driving at night2
  • From about the age of 40, night vision typically deteriorates3

Have you experienced …

  1. Visual sensitivity to oncoming headlights?
  2. Haloes or flaring around headlights, street or traffic lights?
  3. Squinting to see better at night?
  4. Difficulty judging the distance of oncoming vehicles?
  5. Trouble reading road signs and number plates?
  6. Difficulty seeing lane markings?
  7. Difficulty seeing in changing light conditions (dusk to night)?
  8. Needing to drive slowly or reluctant to drive at night?

If you answered yes, it’s time to book in for an eye test.

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We can help you stay safe on the road by checking your vision and eye health as part of a comprehensive eye exam.

Sources: 1. November 2012, Vision Impact Institute – The Social and Economic impact of poor vision  2. Optometry Australia, The 2020 Vision Index, Empirica Research 3. 2017, Harris interactive Driving study for Essilor; 2014, Clark, J.W., NightTime Driving Evaluation of the effects of disability and discomfort glare from various headlamps under low and high light adaptation levels; 2009, ARVO, Zikos G.A. et al., Contrast Sensitivity and Reaction Times with Polarised and tinted lenses in a Driving Environment

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